Digital Services


The complexities of managing on-site digital ad operations continues to increase with ever-evolving digital platforms. Retaining a competent staff requires constant training and brings with it the burden of recurring HR issues like vacation, sick days, turn-over, salaries, employee benefits and on-going equipment demands. The solution is to outsource your ad operations to the Gari Media Group team. Then, let your team focus on generating revenue. Add the Gari ArtHouse creative team to produce all of your digital advertising, from complex rich media ads to traditional flash and static banner advertising and you truly have a turn-key total solution.


Many of our clients utilize digital media marketing, whether on their own site or outside sites, and want a 3rd party trafficking and reporting solution. Whether it’s 10,000 or 100,000,000 impressions, accurate trafficking and reporting insures your objectives are met and outside vendors are fulfilling their obligations.


We managed over 5,000 projects last year alone. From large comprehensive marketing projects to highly targeted niche projects. The scope of involvement includes utilization of traditional media, internet display, rich media and new emerging digital platforms for agencies and media outlets across the country. When you work with GMG, you can rest assured your projects will be organized and work flows will be clean and productive.


We continually ask our clients ‘How can we help you?’. This leads to some interesting answers. In fact, most of our new business solutions are grown from asking that simple question and then applying creativity and technology to provide practical no nonsense solutions that truly answer the question. So…How can we help you?


If you are looking to evaluate or replace a publishing system, we are not platform providers and are not trying to sell our own system. Because of this, we take a detached look at your needs and openly evaluate what platforms will provide you with relevant practical solutions that balance desired deliverables, reliability, features and price. From concept to final deployment we’re with you for the entire ride.